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Pioneering spirit, knowledge and business acumen have taken us far

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Since its foundation thirty years ago, Eolus has become one of the leading wind energy developers in the Scandinavian region, developing, implementing and managing renewable energy projects – onshore and offshore wind, solar and energy storage. The company offers both local and international investors attractive and competitive investment opportunities in the regions of Scandinavia, the USA, Poland and the Baltic States. We are rapidly advancing and driving the transition to renewable energy generation with our qualified and committed team. 


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We focus on the future

When Eolus was founded in 1990, few people saw the potential of wind as an electricity source and thus we immediately became pioneers of wind energy. We continually think ahead and the company is growing in line with the global demand for renewable energy for a sustainable future. We have built and continue to build Eolus with knowledge and commitment, as well as a strong desire to make a difference. We are in an expansion phase and are working extremely hard to let people know about the opportunities for change and professional development in our company. We just need to attract more people with the right skills and enthusiasm to continue our pace of growth – bringing Eolus to new markets and more technologies.

Facts about Eolus

Business concept

Eolus will create value at all stages of the design, construction and operation of renewable energy and energy storage facilities as well as offer both local and international investors attractive and competitive investment opportunities.


Eolus’ vision is to become the most profitable player in the renewable energy industry, as well as an attractive partner in the transition to a sustainable society.


We take responsibility for the transition to a sustainable society. When dealing with authorities, residents, customers and shareholders, we behave in a responsible manner.

We have a positive income statement and a strong balance sheet. In addition, we strive to make our facilities a good investment for our customers, as well as a good deal for landowners.
Eolus values
We aim for dialogue and openness with the stakeholders affected by our projects and offer investors opportunities in the field of renewable energy.

With a consistent approach to responsibility, accountability and performance, we enjoy a high level of trust from shareholders, customers, banks, authorities, landowners and the general public.